Airline LED Shower Fan Kit With Timer 100mm

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The Xpelair Airline LED 100T is a 100mm, one speed fan kit which is designed to remove steam and humidity from shower rooms and bathrooms. The pack comes complete with an inline fan, 3m flexible ducting, external grille, and an internal grille with 3W LED light - all the components required to complete an installation.

The fan is designed to be installed in loft spaces (out of bathroom splash zones) and meets buildings regulations part F in its installed environment. The LED light is specifically designed for safe installation directly in or over the splash zone 1, offering complete peace of mind. It comes complete with a 12V SELV transformer, positioned out of reach of any person using the bath or shower

The Airline LED 100T has a timer control which means that when connected to a remote switch, such as a lighting circuit, the fan will turn on when the circuit is switched on and overrun for a selectable time of 2-30 minutes when the circuit is switched off.

Supplied with:
3m flexible ducting
12V SELV transformer
White external grille
Internal grille complete with white and chrome bezels
Sealing strips
Screw packs

Extract performance: 23.6 l/s.
Electrical power rating: 19 Watt.
Specific fan power: 0.80 W/l/s.
Sound pressure level: 40 dba at 3m.
IP rating: 4.

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Weight 0.139 kg
Dimensions 185 × 215 × 210 mm