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More than any other sector, the automotive industry is currently undergoing a radical shift in attitude. For decades, performance determined the direction; today, it goes without saying that the joy of driving also includes the “joy of energy efficiency”. A new ecological awareness demands the development of new technologies with a degree of radicalism that was previously unknown technologies that are giving rise to truly innovative components and ultimately to new auto-mobiles that are as energy-efficient as they are appealing.

Add to this the difficult economic circumstances, which are proving a formidable challenge for automotive suppliers in particular: Combined with models that are changing at a rapid pace, productivity must be increased while maintaining the same high quality in the face of profit margins which are still low.

ALCA TOOLS LTD are proud to supply brands such as Walter, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp that provide you with high-tech tools and machining solutions from a professional supplier of the automotive industry for complete machining operations, all from one single source. Providing the tools to achieve your goals for innovation, flexibility, quality, and productivity – that’s our goal.

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